"'Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through Kirkwood Mall...

...when all through the stores, all the people were stirring in excitement this fall" Yes truly the holidays are here, with relatives coming into town, and last-minute preparation for turkey day, one such individual made himself be known - flanked by elves ( Kirkwood Mall employees ) THE MAN came strutting out to his post, waving, with a huge grin - his familiar white beard and red pot belly, Santa Claus is HERE in Bismarck! For all of you scrooges out there that continue to say, "Christmas is too commercialized"  - think back to when you were young and you waited in line to talk to Santa, to tell him you were a good little boy or girl all year long.

Here is just a small Christmas preview from Kirkwood Mall

Check out what Kirkwood Mall posted on its Facebook page today:

"Santa! I know him!" .. it's opening day at Santa's Workshop and we're so excited .. eek! 🎅 Come get your photos with Santa located in the North Court, now through Christmas Eve.
And don't forget to join us this Friday at 10 am for our annual Black Friday Santa Parade!"  Click here to visit Santa's Workshop page
Once all the turkey and stuffing AND pumpkin pie digests, and all the naps are done and over with, gather all the kids ( heck even your neighbors ) and get ready to come out and pose with Santa Claus. Watch all the youngster's smiles shine brighter than all the Christmas lights in Bismarck/Mandan. This is a magical time of the year, take part in it! Check out THE MAN himself.....

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