'Selfie' was recently named the 2013 Oxford English Dictionary's Word of the Year, but this is taking it to an entirely different level. A woman was recently caught snapping a picture of herself in front of the Brooklyn Bridge, which by itself isn't a big deal. However, the bigger issue here is that she did it with a suicidal man threatening to jump off of it in the background.

Among a crowd of onlookers witnessing the dramatic rescue (the man was saved by officers), she turned her back to the scene and proceeded to take a self-portrait. A New York Post photographer caught the moment on camera, and the picture has quickly spread across cyberspace. When approached by The Post afterward and asked for her name, she responded, "I'd rather not."

Selfish Selfie_NY Post
New York Post

Many view the incident as crass and tasteless. How do you feel about it?

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