A Fargo truck driver has become the first recipient of gender-reassignment surgery performed entirely in North Dakota.

The Fargo Forum reports Brianna Cassady underwent the procedure in Fargo last week under the care of Dr. Ahmed Abdullah.

The procedure involves the removal of the testes and the inversion of the penis to create a- well, you know. In addition, hormone therapy is used to fill out the breasts and modify the patient's sexual tastes.

Ms. Cassady says from childhood she has felt the alienation that many transsexual describe prior to their surgery. She says she was eight or nine years old when she realized she "was a girl."

The procedure took place at Essential health. At this time, no other hospital or medical facility in the state is equipped to do the surgery in full.

Ms. Cassady is quite satisfied with the results. "If you have the right surgeon, it looks really nice. Mine does."

[Source: Fargo Forum]


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