Halloween is still about three months away. But it's not too early to talk about the latest controversy involving one of our favorite holidays.

As wegotthiscovered.com reports this week, a new Change.org petition is making the rounds to move All Hallow's Eve to the Saturday before the 31st October. (Some communities have already done so.)

We've seen such petitions before but this time the idea really seems to have a shot. This latest petition is picking up steam, amassing over 75,000 signatures so far.

As the article notes, the goal is "to get the holiday changed so that kids can enjoy more fun in a much safer environment."

It its favor, many have noted that celebrations like Halloween are always best for kids, as well as adults, when the day happens to fall on a non-school/work night. In addition, the petitions lists a number of safety statistics they claim make their case, though they never really clarify how (nor do they cite their sources).

The case in favor of moving Halloween, from a safety standpoint, seems to be this: falling on a weekend, it allows adults to take further part in supervising their kids, thus making for a safer, more satisfying holiday.

Not much of a case, really. The convenience argument is somewhat stronger. But what do you think? The petition is here.

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