A woman in South Dakota was arrested and faces legal charges after bragging online about having lied to a police officer during an investigation.

Mitchell resident Kally Metcalf was questioned after allegedly letting a Walmart shoplifter into her Geo Prism, in which she was later pulled over by Patrol Sgt. Joel Reinesch.

When asked to identify herself, Metcalf gave her name as Diana Metcalf and gave the sergeant Diana Metcalf's birthdate, but admitted to having no ID on her; she was ticketed for driving without a valid license.

Later, Metcalf posted on Facebook, "OMG, almost went to jail d--- thanks Diana Metcalf u saved me again hahaha" -- to which the real Diana Metcalf replied, "u lucky a--, they never found an id??"

Reinesch recognized Kally Metcalf in pictures on her page, and paid her a visit at her home, where he discovered that her license had in fact been suspended, and that there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest for failure to pay the fine on a drunk driving conviction.

Kally Metcalf faces charges of false impersonation to deceive a law enforcement officer and driving with a suspended license. If convicted, she could receive up to a $2,500 and a maximum of a year and a month behind bars.

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