Officials and activists on the Standing Rock reservation are working to get citizens' IDs in order for the coming election.

West Dakota Fox reports that the mobilization comes as a response to a recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding voter ID laws.

Many believe the ruling - which allows the state to turn away would-be voters with P.O. Box addresses - to be unfairly disenfranchising to the Native American community.

Spokespersons for the community say they are in a race against the clock to ensure that prospective voters have their IDs in order.

"We are best at crisis and so we're in crisis mode from here until election day and we're going to move them and shake them,” says one Standing Rock resident.

Tribal leaders say they have scheduled a forum in Sioux County to "help people find their addresses, and get them new tribal IDs."

For more information call 701-854-8500.

[Source: West Dakota Fox]


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