Tornadoes are among the weirdest things in nature. Case in point: a large tornado touched down in South Dakota Saturday, and to everyone’s amazement, just sat there.

The Weather Channel reports the twister sat in place in Bennett County (about 85 miles south of Rapid City), barely moving for about a half hour.

"Roughly 30 minutes after the tornado was first reported," said the Weather Channel, "it was still in progress in western Bennett County. Unlike most tornadoes, though, it had barely moved."

Meteorologists from the National Weather Service were to arrive Sunday to survey the damage. So far, we have no word on the stowms official Enhanced Fujita scale intensity rating.

The flat, treeless terrain made the twister visible from as far away as northern Nebraska.

Citizens of course captured the extraordinary twister on their iphones; you can watch it above.

The Highway Patrol says the storm damaged one house; no one however was injured.

[Source: Weather Channel]

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