A 16-year-old boy in Florida who stopped a classmate with a gun is not being hailed as a hero.

The boy, who has not been identified, was suspended after he managed to get a gun away from his classmate at Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers. The 15-year-old gunman had pointed his weapon at another student while they were on the bus. The teen who saved the day said, "He was going to shoot him. Point blank."

The next day, the boy was shocked to learn he had been suspended for three days. Why? The school district says he did not cooperate with its investigation, although he says he’s afraid of repercussions and doesn’t want to be viewed as a “snitch.” This is merely the latest controversial move by a school when it comes to guns and students.

Two other students who also helped subdue the gunman were not suspended because they went along with the investigation. The gunman, who was arrested, was also suspended, as was an accomplice.

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