The North Dakota State Fair kicks off Friday, July 21st through July 29th at the Fairgrounds in Minot. Make a stop at one of these places along the way for some food!

For many of us in Bismarck, it's an annual trek up Highway 83 to the Magic City. Every year I have to take this trip 3 or 4 times, back and forth. For as many years I've been doing this, I found some nice little places to stop and get a drink or a meal. You would not know these places had the best steaks and burgers unless someone told you. So, here I am with some of my favorite places to stop every year on my way to the NDSF.

Harbor Bar, Highway 83 in Cole Harbor - this is a small restaurant and cafe, but you'll find steaks and food that is big on taste. This is worth the stop. I always plan an hour to 90 minute stop here at least once a year. Here is a reviews from a customer:

We shared the prime rib and it was some of the best we've ever had. I had the German potatoes in a cucumber sauce which was excellent.

Cafe 77, Washburn - This cafe is worth the drive into Washburn, which has a cute downtown. Cafe 77 features some of the regions specialties such as Fleishkeuchla. They have delicious stuffed pepper soup and you have to try their Steak bite basket, served with fries and pasta salad. So good! Here is a customer’s comment from Cafe 77:

Love the food. It's amazing! A slice of Swiss added to the 77 burger would make it top notch! It's my favorite burger!!

Totten Trail Cafe and Bar, Cole Harbor - A must stop located on Highway 83 at Cole Harbor. A co-worker turned me on to this little cafe about 4 years ago and I always plan Totten Trail Cafe in my schedule. Love the big juicy burgers and if you have a taste for a pizza, they can handle that request. Here is a customer’s comment from Facebook:

We love going to bingo at Totten Trail on Tuesday nights. We always eat supper there and it's excellent. The Tuesday night special is an Indian taco and it's great.

Rusted Nail Bar and Restaurant, North of Underwood - Another one of my favorite places to visit. The food is good and kids are welcome to join you for a meal, they'll also enjoy the arcade! Rusted Nail is located on Highway 83, North of Underwood. Here is a Facebook comment:

Best steaks anywhere!!!! Especially with the bourbon sauce. Great atmosphere and friendly staff always make going out to the Rusted Rail a good time!

Have fun at the North Dakota State Fair, and plan to make a stop or two at some of my favorite places!

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