Recently, the National Insurance Crime Bureau released their Hot Wheels report, indicating what vehicles are stolen the most across the United States.

The data is based on cars stolen in all of 2016. They break down the most stolen cars nationally as well as by state. Here were the most common kinds of cars stolen in the state of North Dakota in 2016:


Make/ModelMost Common Year of VehicleNumber of Vehicles Stolen
1Chevrolet Pick-Up (Full Size)1999              136
2Ford Pick-Up (Full Size)2005                80
3Chevrolet Impala2004                45
4Dodge Pick-Up (Full Size)1997                36
5Pontiac Grand Prix2002                25
6GMC Pick-Up (Full Size)2012                23
Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee1998                23
7Dodge Caravan2000                18
8Honda Accord2004                17
9Chevrolet Trailblazer2004                15


So if you have any of these vehicles, you may be more likely to be a victim of vehicle theft. Of course it is important to always lock your door and keep valuable items out of plain site.

Good luck out there.

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