Evert state has that place. The place that is the car theft capital of its state. And by the way, the county in North Dakota, is #1 for car theft in the entire United States.

Congratulations Williams County, you lead the nation in car thefts. Not only do you lead the state, you lead the entire nation.  What a label!! Wear it proud!

The silver lining is that car theft has dropped in the country. The bad news is North Dakota leads the country in car thefts. Modern technology has played a huge issue in the decrease (car tracking/GPS) in car theft, and car theft is the lowest in the Northwest region of the country. Find the Home.com analyzed  the numbers from the FBI car theft division to report the final data on the area of each state with the most car theft.

The states with the least car thefts in the nation are-

  •  #51 Windham County: Vermont
  • #50 Maine: Androscoggin County
  • #48. New Hampshire: Hillsborough County
  • #47. Delaware: New Castle County

And now, The  car theft capital of the nation is-

  1. North Dakota: Williams County, having 1097.3 vehicle thefts per 100K person and a total of 297 car thefts in 2014. Compare those figures to the Windham County, Vermont at only 22.7 vehicles car thefts per 100K person and a whopping 10 car thefts in 2014.
Wathiq Khuzaie/ Getty Images
Wathiq Khuzaie/ Getty Images

Congratulations Williams County, North Dakota! You're #1!




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