Everyone loves tacos, but where are the best tacos in North Dakota?

A couple weeks ago we were wondering, "Where are the best wings in North Dakota?" It only seemed fitting to discuss seeing as how playoff football parties are almost certain to be serving wings. You know what's underrated at the said party though? Tacos!

Sure enough, the popular food publication, The Daily Meal, has gone out of their way to find the best tacos throughout the country and within the great state of North Dakota. They've decided that Red Pepper in Grand Forks has the best tacos in the state.

If that place sounds familiar to anyone outside of a UND alum, it's because last year at about this time, its 'Everything Grinder' was named the 'Best Sandwich in North Dakota.'

The description on the Red Pepper's menu describes the 'Taco' as such:

Others claim to have the “best taco in town,” but ours speak for themselves. Enjoy tasty taco meat, lettuce, a squirt of hot sauce and freshly grated Colby cheese in either a crisp, corn tortilla or a soft flour tortilla. Want to take your taco to the next level?  Ask for a “Schneider”. Take one of our delicious tacos and add our famous “white sauce” and signature enchilada sauce.  A true taste sensation!

You have to hand it to those guys at the Red Pepper, they must be doing something right to get recognized for so many menu items. Not to mention the fact they've been around for over 50 years. I feel as if I need to make an impromptu road trip soon to devour everything on their menu. Nothing like a four-hour trip to get the best tacos and sandwiches in the state.


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