It's playoff football time and what goes great with football? Wings, of course!

The popular food publication, Delish decided to venture out and see what restaurants have the best wings in each state. In North Dakota, the exact same bar that holds the 2017 title for 'Best Bar in North Dakota' will also hold the title for 'Best Wings in North Dakota.' The worst part about that is they aren't in Bismarck. Parrot's Cay Tavern in Grand Forks has won the distinguished honor.

Can someone serving wings in Bismarck please rise up to the challenge?

I say that not wanting to make the 4-hour drive to attend this establishment.

Delish used a 'Yelp' review from a customer by the name of Fatima C. to describe the wings at Parrot's Cay.

The wings are definitely a main attraction at this cajun-inspired joint. Sauce options include buffalo, Captain's BBQ, jerk, garlic ranch, and blackened.

It was their wings that helped them win 'Best Bar in ND' in the first place. The spiciness of their wing sauce is intense and ranges from a level-3 to a level-15 (level-13 is where one may start to perspire). The Parrot's Cay Tavern also serves up a 'famous wing challenge.' The challenge requires participants to eat wings of seven different levels of spiciness. These wings do not exist on the regular menu and need to eaten wearing gloves, due to the high level of spiciness.

Should you make it through that challenge, you then have a chance at a valuable prize.

That's where you need to go for the best wings in North Dakota. All the way to Grand Forks. Bismarck, that's your cue to get on it and step up your wing game.

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