What food do you absolutely hate the most? The one food that just churns your stomach. You know, just the thought of it can make you queasy.

We all have those food items. This could not be a scientific study or research, but at the very least, it is fun. According to DidYouKnowFacts.com, they released a kind of weird study to come up with the one food item hated by every state.

Here's how the website did it.There are apps for just about everything. At the beginning of they year, the dating app Hater matches mates based on things they hate the most.

Normal dating sites and apps match people up on the things and interests they have in common. Not Hater, this app mixes things up. And it is from this app and research, they came up with the food item North Dakota hates the most.

And that item is tapas. YUMMY!

See the entire list here.

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