Will this trend continue with the down-grade in the number of drilling rigs in the state? We're talking about the migration of people moving into North Dakota. This survey reports on where people are moving. And we all know it was for work in the oil industry.

These survey dates were between July 1, 2013 and July 1, 2014.

Since late last year, the oil industry has seen a huge slow down in drilling and activity. There are reports of people and families moved to North Dakota too late (late 2014) and having difficulty making ends meet due to being laid off or unable to find a job.

The Census Bureau uses various components including-

"One of those components is net domestic migration: how many people moved into an area from another part of the US minus how many moved out of that area. This tends to be the biggest component of population change in most counties.

The most moved to counties in the US were-

  • McKenzie +16% population increase  #1
  • Williams +7% population increase  #3
  • Stark +5.9% population increase #4
  • Divide +4.1% population increase #10

To see the other NoDak counties and the rest of the country, click here.



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