If you spend anytime in North Dakota, you know there are a couple of items you must have in your possession. What would your one item be?

We know the winters are brutal, and I'm guessing the one item you would consider a necessity would be something related to the cold? Maybe you're thinking of a food item like Dot's pretzels. Your item could be the one thing that connects you to home when you are traveling. Anything, just think about it?

Best Life released a list of the one thing in every state people can't live without.

For North Dakota, I came up with my own list and we'll see if any item on my list is on the list for North Dakota according to Best Life.

For starters, I'm thinking winter and items we must need. I'm thinking of an ice scrapper, heavy arctic coat or jacket, winter and waterproof gloves. Remember, it is one item you can not do without. Winter ear muffs are the best on a cold, winter and windy day. That is my list.

According to Best Life, the one item is honey. North Dakota produces the most honey than any other state in the country, more than 17,000 tons a year!

I was so far off, and I would have never thought of honey. Don't get me wrong, I love honey and I use it as a natural sweetener everyday. In the dead of winter, a dab of honey will not keep me warm. I'll take my arctic jacket over honey any day in January.


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