Let's be honest, the location of the new Culver's in Mandan is not the best location in the area. You have that red-light to contend with and there is not much parking. Which begs the question "how much would you go through to get a Culver's Butter Burger"?

Seems as though people don't mind the wacky location and messing with the red-light as Culver's opened for the first day of business on Monday, September 10th.

The hours are 10 a.m to 10 p.m Sunday through Saturday.


I will admit, my visit was purposely after the lunch crowd at 2 in the afternoon on opening day. I didn't have the time to wait in line and even though they were busy, the workers behind the counter were moving the food orders in and out very quickly.

One employee told me for the first day, everything went fine and they already had their first bus-load of customers in the morning. This was the real test for a fast food eatery. How quick can you serve the passengers on the bus while serving your regular customers without a delay or wait? Apparently, all the systems were a go and all went well.

Culver's did not have the TV's working in the dining area as the only image on the screen was letters that read 'media', but they did have music playing in the restaurant.


I did notice the Concrete Mixer is the one item it seemed everyone in the restaurant had, besides some form of a burger or sandwich.

One customer from Bismarck told me he was excited to see Culver's come to the area since he is a transplant from Minnesota. He told me he plans to make the drive weekly to enjoy their cheese curds. When I asked him about the location and the red-light, he said: "it's worth the hassle".

The Mandan location makes the 5th North Dakota location with other locations in Fargo, Williston, and Grand Forks.