Think of the Philadelphia Eagles as the Volkwagon Beetle of the NFL: they're ugly, but they'll get you there.

The Eagles opened the season with an 18 - 12 win over Atlanta in an opener that offered a number of moments reminiscent of the team's climb to Super Bowl victory last winter.

Not all was rosy for the "Iggles"; Nick Foles, despite some decent moments, was definitely a bit off his game. Carson Wentz is still sitting it out (though he came out for the opening coin toss).

As is so often the case with this team, the overall performance was hardly stellar, but they somehow pulled it off.

The Eagles finished the first half trailing by three. After a pair of second-half turnovers, they still took a late lead. Again, nothing new to Philly fans.

As the Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News reports, the birds will take off for the weekend. Starting Monday they gear up for next weekend's clash with Tampa Bay.

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