It's always sad to hear about a restaurant or shop closing in our area. --It's not just a business closing; it was someone's dream to get that place up and running.

Closing Soon

According to a post on the business's Facebook page, B&H Daylight Donuts will be closing.

If you aren't familiar with the business, it is located in North Bismarck on 43rd Avenue. It sits near the Copper Ridge Plaza, right by Cash Wise Foods.

Google Maps
Google Maps

In the post, the owners said that if you have any gift cards, they will be honored up to the last day of operation. They also said if you would prefer to be reimbursed, they can arrange for that as well. In order to do that, you will need to stop by the shop.

They also said they would not be taking orders larger than five dozen from here on out.

Why Are They Closing?

The owners offered an explanation as to why they would be closing. They said the decision was made when they could not get the employees and contracts they needed to grow the business.

Last Day Of Business

The last day Daylight Donuts will be open is coming up very soon. The business will permanently close its doors on June 16th. The owners plan to sell the business and are working to sublease the property.

If you are interested in becoming the owner of the Daylight Donut brand, or if you just want to lease the property, you would need to contact the CRA Group.

Check out the full post:


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