If you're hungry, do these steps carefully and you can get a free Big Mac.

Starting today...

  1. Walk to McDonald's
  2. Be courteous to the cashier
  3. Order a Big Mac
  4. Get a Mac Coin
  5. Say thank you

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Big Mac, Mc Donald’s is issuing Mac Coins for every Big Mac Purchased while supplies last starting TODAY.  Each Mac Coin is good for a FREE BIG MAC.

So... Theoretically, until supplies run out, Big Mac's are Buy one get one free because of the Mac Coin. This can be good for any family with a number of kids that have behaved for a while and deserve a treat.

This can also be good for that group of friends that go out Friday night and Hit McD's after the club. Just think... Saturday night’s food run is free!

This is happening till supplies last, so parents that want to save a little money but still treat their kids here's a perfect opportunity.



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