The Republican National Convention is over. We are past the midway point of the Democratic National Convention. Let's break down how North Dakotans feel.

The NY Times conveniently has an interactive graph that updates the probability of who will win the Presidency based on polls and has a breakdown by state.

North Dakota historically has been a Republican state. This year will mark the 32nd election the state will participate in. In the previous 31 votes, the Democratic candidate has won the majority of the votes in the state just five times.

The last time a Democrat won the state of North Dakota was in 1964 when Lyndon B. Johnson won the nomination. That was a historic year as Johnson's Republican opponent Barry Goldwater received the majority in only six states.

A Republican has won the nomination in North Dakota in the 12 elections following 1964.

In 2016, it appears the Republican nominee, Donald Trump will win again. The Times has seven different polls on their website including their own. Here is how North Dakotans are polling so far.

NY Times87% Republican
FiveThirtyEight86% Republican
PredictWise: >99% Republican
Princeton: >99% Republican
CookPolitical: Majority Republican (No percentage given)
RothenbergGonzales: Majority Republican (No percentage given)
Sabato: Majority Republican (No percentage given)

When looking at these polls for every state, right now Hillary Clinton is projected to win the Presidency with 68% of the vote. However with a little over 100 days until election day with lots of campaigning, debates, and more to take place, anything can happen.

There is a lot of talk about Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson as well who was born in Minot. The polls listed above, among many others such as CNN, NBC, FOX etc. have the right to include Gary Johnson in their national polling. More importantly however, the national polls have a right to not include Johnson.

This is significant because in the national polls being conducted, if Johnson receives an average of 15% of the vote in five different national surveys that are chosen by the 'Commission on Presidential Debates,' he will be allowed to participate in the debates alongside Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This would give Johnson an opportunity to share his views on a much larger stage. Many people view Johnson as a favorable alternative to the two major party candidates, especially among Republicans who do not stand with Donald Trump. Johnson is a former member of the Republican party.

Johnson has been polling pretty well but he has yet to get the average 15% needed. Additionally, many of the national polls are choosing to not include him in the polling making it impossible for voters to choose him when asked.

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