The coronavirus crisis is changing the way Americans do a lot of things. One major possibility is in the we select our future government representatives.

A number of analysts, politicians and journalists (including the editorial staff at the New York Times) believes that voting by mail is the wave of the future, as citizens look to widen their "social distance" in a post-coronavirus world.

"In a worst-case scenario," writes the Times, "many voters may be unable to vote in person because of illness or even government-imposed travel restrictions like those in Italy." 

Consider that many voting places are set up in churches, social halls and other areas where large numbers of people congregate. Not to mention senior centers.

In most states, including North Dakota, you have the option of casting an "absentee ballot." The logical next step would be to broaden access to voting by mail. This would include allowing for earlier absentee voting and launching a "public information" campaign on the advantages of voting by mail.

Then there's the more controversial option of "email" voting. Opponents argue that voting over the net opens the system to hacking and manipulation.

How do you feel about letting everyone vote by mail? Your comments welcomed and appreciated...

[Source: New York Times]

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