To tip or not to tip, that is the question

This has to be one of the most heated controversies of all time. Tipping. There is no law that says you must leave a gratuity when you dine in a restaurant. This is a personal decision on your part, and most people simply will tip based on performance. Did the server meet their needs? For many, there are a million factors that go into leaving a 20% tip. I know several people here in Bismarck that feel they have a right to just leave a buck on like an $80 dollar tab. After all, it's their right. BUT not tipping is wrong.

Do you think restaurants should be allowed to leave a mandatory tip on the check?

I made several calls this afternoon to places around Bismarck/Mandan. One of the things I found in common was that if you have a large party of more than 8 people, it is customary to add the tip to the final bill. Usually, the manager will tell that to the main person who booked the reservation BEFORE hand, so there won't be any confusion when the check is dropped. This TikTok video @madison_montes/TikTok clearly shows an upset server, after finding out her customers were angry that there was a tip included on their check.

Is it part of the territory though?

According to "The TikToker said the couple’s check was $100 and added that she doesn’t make an hourly rate as a server. In a comment on her video, Montes clarified that she does make $2 per hour, but those wages ultimately go to taxes" This is where she set herself up for negative comments. "You know how the restaurant world goes" or one person said "You're not entitled to a tip! LMAO" All of the above is true though. Do you feel sorry for this Irate TikTok server? @madison_montes/TikTok

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