Respect is what it's all about

No matter what the day, year, decade, or even century - respect is what most people want and deserve. When it comes to such controversial subjects, there will always be one person or a whole group that will do what they can to stop others from achieving privacy, and respect. When an individual gains self-esteem and is strong enough to be the real person they feel is inside them, it's a huge move. Someone has the right to express themselves through whatever gender they choose.

Society is backing off the brake pedal, so to speak, and providing more comfortable and private ways to live your own life

What is "gender inclusion"? One source describes it the best - according to "Gender inclusion is a concept that transcends mere equality. It’s the notion that all services, opportunities, and establishments are open to all people and that male and female stereotypes do not define societal roles and expectations" There is a group that is making strides towards getting the "gender inclusion" policy rejected at the University of North Dakota.

Taking the side door approach -  This group is going after the students to have their parents put pressure on the University

This unfortunately is a common tactic among small groups that are determined to put a halt on personal progress and respect. According to "A group that represents North Dakota’s Roman Catholic bishops is contacting parents of students at the University of North Dakota and asking that they urge administrators to reject the school’s proposed “gender inclusion” policy"

UND President Andrew Armacost had the perfect statement

Simple and to the point - "... the policy is intended to protect transgender students" reported For some reason, there are people that will never accept change, they don't understand that a human being has the right to be who they want to be. Leave those alone that choose to be free in their own skin, they are not bothering anyone, they only wish for respect.

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