When you can to go, you have to go, but that excuse didn't cut with police who were investigating an incident of a man who was upset when a female co-worker rejected his romantic advances last October.

The female co-worker told authorities she noticed her water bottle was tasting like urine, and it continued to happen over several months according to Inforum.

This all started when deputies in Ramsey County responded to a call at Perkins restaurant in the Vadnais Heights, MN area last October. The 42-year old employee reported she was being harassed by a co-worker who worked as a baker in the restaurant. This started when she rejected the mans romantic advances. She only wanted to be friends with the co-worker.

The man, Conrrado Cruz Perez, 47, denied the accusations at first. Once the authorities threatened to conduct DNA tests on the fluid in the water bottle, he admitted to doing the deed. He said the restaurant was busy too busy to use the facilities, so he relieved himself in the female co-workers bottle, but forgot to throw the bottle away.

The woman said she noticed the unusual tasting water in her bottle, about 15 times over the last few months last year.

Perez was charged with two counts of adulterating a substance with bodily fluids.

He made his first appearance in court last week.








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