If you're a college student that prefers taking courses online, or if that's what your lifestyle requires, the University of North Dakota is one of the best options in the nation.

A recent national ranking compiled a list of the "Top 100 Best Online Colleges." The list was produced by Online College Plan. The University of North Dakota showed up ranked sixth in the overall top ten.

The list was compiled based on "technology used for course delivery, flexibility of classes, average cost of attendance, and academic offerings," not to mention student rankings of online classes.

With an enrollment of over 15,000 students, UND offers more than 220 programs for both undergraduate and graduate degrees at the university alone. Those numbers don't include the online program which offers 10 bachelor degree programs and 20 master's degree programs. There are also two doctoral programs in nursing available online.

In working towards your degree, whether you enjoy online classes, or maybe because of your job and home life, you just need to find the time for school in a convenient medium such as the internet, the University of North Dakota may just have exactly what you're looking for. If their ranking says anything about them, some people thinks that's the case already.

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