The University of North Dakota hockey team revealed their new jerseys on Thursday.

The new jerseys aren't all that different from the old ones. Last summer, the new logo was changed to the Fighting Hawks and the new font on the front of the jerseys is set to match just that. Check out the new jerseys in the pic tweeted by @UNDmhockey.

As we reported back in April, the ND which interlocked on the shoulders is now replaced by the Fighting Hawk logo as well.

The change of the uniforms comes now due to the fact that last year's jersey were ordered before the change of the UND logo to the Fighting Hawks.

Despite a new font, block style will still be used for players names and numbers. The team will also use three different jerseys. White will be worn at home, while green and black will be worn for road games. Other changes for the jerseys are listed here.

UND will open its exhibition season on September 30 against the University of Manitoba.

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