As Hurricane Florence continues to make its way towards the Carolinas, some North Dakota volunteers are headed that way to help set up shelters from the massive storm.

According to the American Red Cross Dakota Region, 17 people left from Bismarck in emergency response vehicles on Wednesday (September 12th) to provide assistance to those in the Carolinas that may be affected by Hurricane Florence.

The storm has hit the edges of the North Carolina coastline. Early Thursday afternoon, the eye of Hurricane Florence was approximately 145 miles east-southeast of Wilmington, NC.

The volunteers will be staffing shelters that will be available for many residents of that region who have evacuated their homes. Those that have evacuated may not have a home to return to due to severe flooding as a result of the storm. An estimated 100,000 people may need emergency shelter as soon as the storm passes.

Hurricane Florence is currently classified as a Category 2 hurricane.

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