The Yellowstone River in Montana is higher than it's been in over one hundred years.  A combination of late spring snow storms, warm temperatures, and rainfall that is 400% higher than normal has caused rapidly melting snow.  This in turn has led to historic flooding of this river, which eventually flows into North Dakota southwest of Williston.

Roads, cabins, houses, and many other structures have been swallowed up by the Yellowstone River.  All that water will eventually find its way into North Dakota.

According to an article from our news partner KX News, this will be good news for Lake Sakakawea with lake levels down dramatically over the last couple of years.  Lake Sakakawea could rise as much as 5 feet.  Good news for boaters, fishermen, and cabin owners on the lake.  All that water should be arriving by next week.  The Missouri River in Williston is already at minor flood stage.  Only minor flooding is expected.  According to the article, Garrison Dam Corps of Engineers Maintenance and Operation Manager Christopher Silbernagel said there should be no issues for people on Lake Sakakawea as the water will be released into the lake at a controlled rate.

The flooding has caused Yellowstone Park to close and the effects are devastating.  There's a video that has been circulating around the world wide web and social media showing a very large cabin on the river literally falling into the Yellowstone River.  This shows mother nature and all her might.  Here's that video from the Daily Mail.


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