Gee, I wonder what the weather was like way back on February 17th, 2007 here in Bismarck/Mandan?

If you were living here in Bismarck/Mandan back on February 17th, 2007 you probably don't remember anything unusual about the weather on that particular Saturday. The most important factor for that day 15 years ago was snow, oh and a World Record to conquer. You see way out in Michigan, they held the record for the most snow angels in one place at one time, that number was officially logged into the Guinness Book Of World Records. According to "In 2006 Michigan Tech was able to recruit 3,784 people to make snow angels simultaneously, and 3,745 people to have a snowball fight"

The city of Bismarck would not be denied

Bismarck was left stunned and bewildered when MT took the record away, you see WE had it originally in 2002, at the Capitol, with 1,791 individuals involved. So listen up there Michigan, Bismarck was not going to be denied, and on that fateful February, a Saturday afternoon at the Capitol grounds was once again the scene for Angels of all ages to show up from almost everywhere. Some were from California if you can believe that. It was time to "Put up or shut up", and the ending results - Bismarck slam-dunked the previous record. reported "...North Dakota set the record for most people making snow angels simultaneously with 8,962 people flapping their arms and legs in unison on the State Capitol grounds"

So do we still have the record?

Well here is the deal, Nova Scotia set the current number at 22,022 back in 2011, BUT the people were in different locations, at the same time, unlike here where everyone was flapping their arms in the same place. I boldly say we still are number one!

Check out the video from that World Record-setting day!

92merc YouTube


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