A few days ago, we reported on the low mosquito count in North Dakota, and lack of West Nile cases.
Regretably, we may have spoken too soon.

WDAY-TV reports Vector Control has confirmed the first positive collection of West Nile in Fargo.

A spokesman says, "The mosquitoes carrying the disease were found in north Fargo before trucks sprayed for mosquitoes Thursday night, July 6."

It may just be a matter of time before infected mosquitoes show up around Bismarck - if they're not here already.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "no medications or vaccines can prevent West Nile virus, but applying insect repellent and wearing protective clothing can reduce the chance of infection."

The report comes as a surprise to many who hoped the drought would keep the mosquito count low enough that West Nile would not be a factor.

The bottom line: take appropriate caution to avoid mosquito bites. More information is available from the Centers For Disease Control.

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