Last Saturday while we were all NOT looking forward to messing with our clocks yet again, a glorious show took place

This streak of light caught the attention of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Canada, Iowa, and even Illinois. If you like the color green then you were amazed even more.

A green fireball was what it was, and it floated through the skies with a touch of beauty

Here is one video capturing this extremely bright stranger......

AMS EVENT # 1641-2022 YouTube

Have you ever seen one of these yourself? Of course, we have many times in a quick blink of an eye, but it's pretty majestic when they seem to last for more than a second or two

This is the gift of nature that so many people were blessed to see. According to the American Society a fireball was seen in several states ( I mentioned some of them earlier in this article )

"We received 37 reports about a fireball seen over IA, IL, Manitoba, MN, Ontario and WI on Saturday, March 12th 2022 around 10:55 U.T."

Here is another look ....

AMS EVENT # 1641-2022 YouTube

Thank goodness most of us are carrying our trusted cell phones and we are just a split second away from capturing videos like these

Unfortunately, most of us seem to be driving when we encounter something like this, so you won't get the most steady shots. This next one though is my favorite, for about 4 seconds you see what looks like an unidentified flying object:

AMS EVENT # 1641-2022 YouTube

I guess to wrap this up, it was quite a sight and maybe it was a reminder from the man upstairs about daylight savings time



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