The nations population has grown close to 4% in the last five years. 24/7 Wall St. recently released the fasted growing cities in every state.

When oil was king in the state, Western North Dakota was the fastest growing area in the county with rental rates that surpassed New York city rates in some cases.

Since the cooling of the oil industry, is the Bakken still out-pacing the rest of the state as the fastest growing area (city) in the state.

Not likely, according to 24/7 Wall St., Bismarck is the fastest growing city in North Dakota. According to the numbers- the 2016 population was 131,635. There was a 12% increase in the population from 2011-2016. (the states population grew 10.6%) with over 7600 jobs added from 2011-2016. The unemployment rate in The Peace Garden State was logged at 2.9%.

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