How about some Kool-pickle. In case you don't know what that is, it's a pickle soaked in Kool-Aid and the folks in Mississippi really love it!

That's according to Thrillist, as they published the grossest food in every state. Here are more examples. In my home state of Louisiana, where they eat just about anything. Some people find crawfish (pronounced 'craw-fish', not 'cray-fish'), as bait to catch fish, but the Cajuns really love the mud-bugs. There is a rat in the marsh call nutria. This marsh rat almost bit my father's finger off in a duck blind. These rats are angry!

For many years, this rat like rodent was just a nuisance, now, it's a meal cooked in the crock pot for hours and being that it only eats grass, the meat is really good. (so, I'm told). Think about this, for a while, people didn't eat frog-legs and now, some of us enjoy the legs that tastes like chicken.

China Photos / Getty Images
China Photos / Getty Images

Next door in Montana, it's rocky mountain oysters, and we all know, that's bull testicles. Some people really love those nuts.

Here in North Dakota, it's Lutefisk.  This is like a Jell-O-fish. It is whitefish, that is dried and soaked in lye and then boiled! YUM!

You can see the entire list here.

Hungry yet?

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