Here is an argument that is sure to last for the ages. This is true, people who are passionate about an automobile brand are super passionate. Not everyone, but some! Especially guys, dudes are very passionate about truck brands.

Which bring us to this question. What is the most popular auto brand in North Dakota?

There are red states and blue states. There are even green states. Let me explain. Green represents Honda. Red is Chevrolet and blue is Ford. There is orange for Subaru and Dodge.

North Dakota is a blue state = Ford.

According to Yahoo Auto, NoDak is Ford Country. Next door in Minnesota, it's Chevrolet. The other next door in Montana, it's one of the few orange states for Dodge.

Go figure!

Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images

You can look at the color map here.

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