This will be for some people a difficult challenge

You see, most of us human beings like coffee, I should say we NEED coffee. To function in our daily world, to have it within the first 20 minutes we wake up. Some people will be just down-right cranky if they go without it, I have my usual two cups a day, but I might be one of the minority, I don't go to all the trouble of seeking out my favorite java joint during the week, I quickly go in and out of Cenex. I do save Saturday and Sunday morning for my favorite drive-thru coffee place, but I won't mention the name so I don't appear biased in this poll.

I randomly selected 10 coffee places in Bismarck and Mandan

I have been to about a third of these places that I have selected, randomly, on this poll there will be a place you can actually click "Other" if I don't have your favorite place mentioned. What makes your coffee shop so special? Is it just because it's the closest place to your home? Some people are rather picky, and I don't blame them, some enjoy sitting down and having a snack, etc. I am for the most part an "always get it to go" kind of guy, and nobody likes me enough to want to spend more than 2 minutes sitting down and socializing with ( as painful as that reality is ). is the poll, take your time with it, or if you have already had 9 cups you can make your pick with your jittery hand

10 BisMan Coffee Shops ( Any Of These Your Favorite? )

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