I just recently purchased my tabs for my pick-up truck which expired at the end of September.  I briefly considered getting personalized plates (I had them many years ago).  I thought it might be a good idea to promote my radio station by using my radio name on a North Dakota license plate.

I was then reminded by my son I tend to have a hint of road rage sometimes, and that might not be a good idea.  I decided he was right, even though I believe I've calmed down a lot despite that people in Bismarck Mandan still drive wayyyyy TO SLOW and are still pretty clueless when it comes to driving a roundabout.  More on that in a future article.

Anyway, it got me thinking.

Do we have any personalized license plates in North Dakota that are forbidden? 

Allegedly, there are some on the Federal level but I was unable to find those in my research.  It seems like it's up to the states and that's the way it should be.

I know there have been debates on personalized license plates and freedom of speech.  I've sure seen some borderline funny or offensive plates in North Dakota over the years, but it seems like those days are all but over.  Even if you're trying to be clever, the state of North Dakota has a system that will probably figure out your "message in disguise."

With that being said, are there specific personalized license plates that are illegal in North Dakota?  According to a phone call I made to the North Dakota Department of Transportation the answer is NO.  However, you're not getting away with anything borderline.

The process works like this.

You can go to the DOT website with a Special Request Plate Search page.  You can search to see if the personalized plate is available.  If your desired plate is available, you can request it there.  At that point, your request will either be accepted or denied by the ND DOT.  You will generally find out in a few weeks if your vanity plate will be allowed.

There are some specific "no-nos" according to the ND Century Code 39-04-10.3.

That prohibits the use of vulgar, discriminatory, explicit sexual connotations, lawlessness, or racial terms.  You can see all of those here.



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