Water is pretty obvious during the day so you don't get dehydrated, but when the lights turn down low and the show comes on, here's a suggestion of some beverages to crack open. 


Jack Daniels:  Goes good with anything and nice and sweet when it’s pulled straight.

Tullamore D.E.W: Nice and fruity with a smooth vanilla finish. Definitely, something to pull. If you're mixing this Irish gem though, you probably should be drinking a Blue Dolphin.

Crown Royal: Mixes well with cola or straight. If you're listening to country music, you should be taking pulls of this.

If you want to see more ideas on what to whiskey to pull, Check out this article 39 Whiskeys you can buy at the liquor store


You're out in a field so the 12 pack and or 24 pack works but Bud light is a given so let's get a little creative shall we?

Bush Light: very light and cheap, plus someone said it's the official beer of North Dakota.

SOL: Let's say it's really hot and you want a beer that has a little spice but is refreshing, check this one out.

Shiner Light Blonde: Nice sweet and light so you can crush like 10 of these.

Tecate's: Very cheap and extremely light, that Mexican buddy you brought along would thank you.

Founders all day IPA:  Very light but you can taste the hops and maintain your North Dakota Hipster image.


I would like to thank our crack team of researchers that spent a lot of time and cigarettes developing this list.



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