If you're a foodie, and you want the best dish in North Dakota, what would it be?

A popular item on many people's 'bucket list' is the idea of trying a signature dish from every state. In North Dakota, would it be a snack, an entree, or a dessert? While there are certainly many opinions that will forever be discussed at length, according to The Seattle Times, they know it. It's knoephla soup.

Knoephla soup is made with chicken, potatoes, and knoephla dumplings. It's a German-Russian dish which is often served with bread slices. A popular place where it's served is the 1950's eatery, Kroll's Diner, right here in Bismarck.

This is certainly a topic that may be debated for quite some time. So what do you think North Dakotans? Are they right on, or what's your favorite "must-try" dish?