Hatred of Super Bowl-bound Patriots QB Tom Brady has become for many an out-and-out American pastime. But where does the anti-Brady sentiment burn hottest?

For the answer, we turn to the sportsbetting.ag website where they've published two Brady-related maps.

One map shows how the states break down on the Brady-hater meter, the other shows where pro-Brady sentiment is strongest.

As the site notes, "The maps were created by compiling geotagged tweets between the start of the NFL playoffs and the present that include phrases like "I hate Tom Brady" for the first map and references to Brady as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) for the second map."

The hate map shows some of the most intense Brady-hatred in Missouri and Kansas, home(s) of the Kansas City Chiefs, recently deposed by the Patriots. No big surprise there.

Strangely though, these two states also show some of the strongest pro-Brady sentiment. Go figure.

For the record. North Dakota shows a low level of anti-Brady sentiment and a moderate level of pro...?

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