It's that time of year again.

How Bad Is It?

We aren't operating under the delusion that North Dakota is a walk in the park during the Winter, but how bad are our Winters in comparison to other cold-weather/Northern states?

Fair Question

Thrillist did some research, and found where each state ranks when it comes to unbearable Winters. Where North Dakota falls might shock you.

They looked at everything from average temperatures and weather patterns, to how each state handles snow and ice removal from roads.


The Best?

I'm sure it's no surprise that the state with the best winters is Hawaii. I looked it up; the lowest temperature Hawaii has on record dates back to 1969; it was 52 degrees in January of that year. -- Excuse me while I pack my bags. This is where I'll be hibernating this winter.

Florida and Arizona also ranked below Hawaii as the "Best."


The Worst

You might think Alaska, Michigan, or even Minnesota would be worse than North Dakota.. -- NOPE! The source ranked North Dakota as the MOST MISERABLE state for Winter in the country. When you hear North Dakotans say "That ain't cold" when you talk about your 30 degree Winter, we aren't lying.


According to Thrillist, North Dakota temps dropped down to  - 60 degrees in the 1930's. We have earned bragging rights. We are tough-as-nails, cold-weather survivalists. Fear us.

Chapped lips, soggy socks, and sludgy sidewalks -- who's ready? *Insert battle cry*


Without Fail

Without fail, every year when it hits about 30 degrees you will inevitably see at least one person wearing shorts and flip flops. -- We like to show off our resilience a little bit.


The Must Haves For Deer Hunting in North Dakota

Now keep in mind, these are only the BASIC must-haves to get you started!


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