Earlier this week, while enjoying lunch with some coworkers, a couple of the Moms got into an interesting conversation about how they despise Elf On the Shelf.

The consensus on this recent holiday tradition seems to be that it's fun the first year you have it, but after that, the novelty wears off quickly and it becomes a pain.

For the uninitiated, her's what it's all about: It’s a cute(?) stuffed elf that you’re supposed to hide around the house, on your mantle or your, ah, shelf.

This elf then “sees” if the children in the house behave or not and it “reports” to Santa Claus about your kids so they will get the proper amount of presents (or not?)...

In recent years an entire Elf industry has sprung up.

So what's wrong with that? Here are the gripes in a nutshell:

It encourages kids to be deceitful. In the words of one disgruntled blogger: "I’ve heard stories of thoughtful children putting the elf in a box, turning him around, or covering him up so he can’t “see” them."

It focuses on "getting" rather than giving. Well, to be sure, the elf, is not the sole cause of this problem.

It's just a pain in the you-know-what to play the game by moving it around the house every Christmas season. This one I think a lot opf parents can relate to.

So, what about you: the Elf - love it or stuff it?

Your comments welcomed and appreciated.

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