By now, you've heard the stories of creepy clowns terrorizing people across the country. What you haven't heard, though, is an instance of it happening in North Dakota? Why do you think that is?

Personally, I think there are two reasons why we haven't seen any creepy clowns in North Dakota.

For starters, a lot of these creepy clowns have been coming out of the woods to terrorize people. You know what North Dakota doesn't have a lot of? Trees. So, there's nowhere for these maniacs to hide.

Second, and probably more obvious, is the fact that North Dakotans are very, very, very fond of guns. According to, more than 50% of North Dakota households own a gun, putting them in the top ten among all states across the country.

So, based on that little tidbit of information, if you're a creepy clown hoping to scare a North Dakotan, you have a 50/50 chance of walking away without a gunshot wound.

North Dakotans don't mess around and they surely won't mess around when some random clown comes creepily bouncing their way.

With the lack of trees to provide adequate cover and the abundance of firearms in the state, I think it's safe to say that North Dakota won't have to deal with any creepy clowns any time soon, though there will still be regular clowns going out and performing their clown duties.