If you're a coffee lover like me, you're probably scoping out all the places in town that you can get your fix. While traveling around North Dakota last month I noticed something.

More Caribou

You've probably noticed that Caribou Coffee is expanding. I was in Minot recently, and saw they opened a Caribou shack. It's not your traditional Caribou Coffee store. It's literally just a drive-thru.

While they're teenie tiny, you certainly can't miss them. They are painted bright blue, in the typical Caribou fashion. Naturally, I had to stop at this Caribou in Minot to see what the deal was.

You simply drive up, order and go. While that's not too impressive, let me tell you about something else.



Yep, the employees were all wearing antlers. You might not be as tickled by this as me, but it certainly brightened my day. Not only that, but they had long sticks with payment pads that would reach to your car. Gone are the days of leaning out the window, or in my case, opening the whole door and stepping out. - I'm short. *sigh*

Bismarck's New Location

The new Caribou is currently still under construction in North Bismarck. It sits right by the First Community Credit Union (also under construction) and is very near Menards. It's one of these little shacks I just mentioned.

I can't confirm that the employees will be wearing antlers like the one in Minot, but here's to hoping!


A Needed Drive-Thru

If you live in North Bismarck, you might be thinking: "We already have a Caribou in Dan's." -- While that's true, it's not a drive-thru, so if you're in a hurry you might be less inclined to stop. Ode to all last minute, running-late to everything personality types! We rejoice at this addition.


The shack looks nearly finished, and if I'm not mistaken, should open sometime this Fall. Yeeee!



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