Thinking about getting your Christmas tree early this year? Maybe you should wait just a little longer.

A recent USA Today article (yes, they're still in print) advises against getting your tree too early in the season. It's actually cheaper to get your tree closer to Christmas, even Christmas Eve.

This may sound like it defies common sense, but here's the deal: according to research the price actually spikes by Cyber Monday (November 26) and drops off substantially bu December 18.

As the article explains, Christmas trees are obviously perishable; they aren't really good for much after the 25th.

Ergo, as the season progresses, sellers mark down prices "knowing that if they don't sell them by Christmas Eve, they're probably not going to sell them," says the executive director of the National Christmas Tree Association.

Of course you don't necessarily want to wait TOO long, lest you end up with a "Charlie Brown" tree. Still, waiting a bit may not be the worst thing.

Or could always go plastic: it reusable, and a lot less of a hassle to clean up after.

[Source: USA Today]


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