who cares right? maybe you I guess.

I've known people that have driven for days to go see a WWE event. They take expensive flights to faraway venues to see a classic WWE Smackdown circus. Well good news wrasslin' fans, World Wrestling Entertainment is bringing the Main Event to Bismarck, North Dakota.

attachment-WWE Main Event Bismarck Event Center

The night includes some of the WWE's top entertainers!  Including Seth 'Freakin' Rollins, seen here in an unfortunate location under an airborne John Cena.

Rollins has faced some of wrestling's best and on October 1st he'll face 'Riddle"!

WWE SummerSlam 2015
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This here is Riddle.  He seems like an OK fella. Although my money's on Rollins.

WWE SummerSlam After Party Red Carpet
Getty Images for WWE SummerSlam

The Ringer calls Bianca Belair The Biggest Star in the WWE Universe.

WWE SummerSlam After Party Red Carpet
Getty Images for WWE SummerSlam

Another Raw superstar, Becky Lynch may want to start honing her hair-pulling skills.

Colorado Avalanche v New Jersey Devils
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Plus, the night features US Champion Bobby Lashely and some guy named 'Theory'.

I'm not going to poke fun at professional wrestling fandom.  When I was young, I couldn't wait until wrassling events would come to the Minot Auditorium. Wahoo McDaniels once shook my hand.  Superstar Billy Graham once refused to give me an autograph that my mom wanted. He had just turned villain. It happens

My favorite loser was Scrap Iron Gadaski!

This poor schlub was always sent out to fight the up-and-coming wrestlers introducing them to audiences across the Midwest. He lost all the time BECAUSE THE REFS ALWAYS LOOKED THE WRONG WAY!  It happens.

Decades ago, the last time I saw pro wrestling, I was accompanied by a 10-year-old boy who was CRAZY about the Ultimate Warrior. The Warrior was so tough he was taking on Dino Bravo AND The Canadian Earthquake!

Pretty sure the Warrior won.

Saturday, October 1st everyone's a winner! Don't miss the WWE's Saturday Night's Main Event at the Bismarck Event Center!

The region will descend on Bismarck (yipes!)

I can't believe I made it through all this without mentioning blowhard Vince McMahon recently resigned as WWE CEO and seems he's paid 4 women over $12 million to keep some unflattering stories about him to themselves. If you are interested in that sorta stuff go ahead and click here.

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