Fascination Amongst Researchers

There's been a growing interest in a dinosaur fossil found at a North Dakota dig site. A dinosaur leg, along with many other fossils were discovered at Tanis several years ago. According to IGN.com, the leg belonged to a "Thescelosaurus," and was even said to have been found with skin still attached.


According to Yahoo News, the discovery has created a lot of debate between paleontologists. Some researchers believe that the fossilized leg proves the asteroid extinction theory.

According to BBC, the leg was just one of several indicators that there was a major impact or catastrophic event that led to the species extinction. BBC's sources say fish were also found at the dig site, and it would appear that they had breathed in debris. The belief is that all of these creatures were entombed together on the day of a cataclysmic, extinction event.

Look, I'm not an expert, but the amount of buzz and talk I've heard over this discovery has definitely piqued my interest. I need to know! And, if you're curious like me, you're in luck...

BBC Special

According to USAToday, BBC plans to air "Dinosaurs: The Final Day with David Attenborough" this Friday (April 15th). The findings of the Tanis fossil discovery will be discussed in the special. I for one, am very excited to see what they have to say!


Could North Dakota be the key to solving the mystery behind the dinosaur extinction? Who knows? The more we dig, the more we may find!

I won't dig myself out of this snow, but if we're looking for dinosaurs, hand me a shovel and toss me one of those bucket hats with the strings. I'm in!




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