There is a woman in Bismarck that needs your help, and you can do so in an artistic way

Her name is Serena Riley, she lives here in Bismarck. One day while walking to work, out of nowhere, she found herself having trouble breathing. Imagine what goes on in your head when a simple act of breathing becomes a struggle. A visit to the hospital brought her troubling news.

An innovative way to get Bismarck/Mandan involved, and whoever else can help out

One trip to the hospital led to many more. According to from there, she found out "... she had a pulmonary embolism in her lungs. But that was just the beginning of a series of ER visits that would result in an unusual fundraiser" Hospital bills started piling up, as Serena had several visits plus there were medical procedures ( two surgeries ) she endured. So could there be a way to raise some money to help with expenses?

Think of it as showcasing your body for others to add their artwork and ideas to

The idea for Riley to raise money to tackle her medical bills was to come up with a way to take advantage of some free time and enter the wonderful world of eBay and with that  "... she is also allowing people to pay to have a tattoo added to her arm. Riley plans on adding at least 15 tattoos through donations to raise the $10,000" added.

Can it be a tattoo of whatever they want?

Riley has no restrictions on what you are visioning would look great on her forearm. THE most important thing though is that your selection and purchase will go huge in helping Serena and her family through this. Here is where you can go to send in your ink!

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