There are no spoilers in this article, just flat-out weird details about someone who is beyond strange

It's no secret Netflix loves to draw out viewers with just absurd unbelievable true-life events - this certainly is one of them. A recent documentary just came out called Don't Pick Up The Phone - a three-parter that will have you spellbound. "I've never seen anything like it in 30 years" was one of the quotes from an attorney that was interviewed. For over 10 years this played out, ruining people's lives. Yes, it was a hoax, but a dangerous one. Let me lay out the events, plain and simple - over a hundred calls in 32 states in a span of over ten years. Someone terrified others.

Random fast-food restaurants were chosen, and phony phone calls were placed

A male voice introduced himself as a local police officer "investigating a theft that had occurred inside the restaurant", he would talk to the manager giving a few basic descriptions of the employee - his first couple of sentences would be "I can have you strip search the employee on-site OR they can come into the police station" People, unfortunately, fell for it. The events that unfolded are just so hard to believe, leading to the victim ( the accused employee ) eventually being sexually assaulted. One such case happened at a Burger King in Fargo, North Dakota - where a manager strip-searched a 17-year-old employee. This really happened. 

You will find yourself shaking your head a thousand times over

I found myself over and over again stunned by just how people can be manipulated by someone so twisted and evil - letting a stranger fool you into doing the unthinkable. I guarantee you that after watching the first 20 minutes you will be shocked as well.

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