Most people who live in North Dakota love it. Sure, we have a slightly different (tougher) way of life with the cold and snow, but it's just part of who we are, right? Besides, it's not just about the weather here. It's about the people, the scenery, the culture.

While that's the most popular sentiment, there are some people who disagree.

Scrolling on Twitter, I noticed quite a few people expressing their opinions on North Dakota, and they weren't all very "North Dakota Nice."

Check out some of these "North Dakota sucks" tweets.


Sure, our bars close a bit early, but does one hour really make that big of a difference?


Ahh the good old "There's nothing there" argument. Good people, delicious eats, and undisturbed countryside there's plenty of things here to those who know how to appreciate what truly matters in life.


I will admit, having snow on the ground in October when you're trying to celebrate Halloween can be a bummer, but we always get a white Christmas.


You say tomato...


Not sure what this person's expectation was coming to North Dakota, but we don't hide the fact that it snows here. Come like, prepared.


As we all learned in 1st grade, yes, North Dakota does exist, and approximately 775,000 people live here. Thanks for asking.


Not going to lie, I was so excited that it was going to get up in the 50's this week that I opted to wear flip flops. It was 30 degrees when I walked out the door wearing them this morning. I'm unashamed.  How dare you poo poo on our excitement.



Have you been every place on Earth? Didn't think so.


Well, at least we got one win.


A modern day William Shakespeare here. Insert eyeroll.

That's it!

That's all the abuse I can handle for today. WE know why North Dakota's awesome, and that's what matters, right?


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